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Advances In Contact Lenses

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Wow! The past 3 months have seen some crazy changes in the way we are making contact lenses! What many of you may not know is we don't just sell Halloween contact lenses. We also have a full service contact lens manufacturing lab and make specialty / prosthetic lenses for patients on a daily basis. We started out doing realistic lenses for patients that had eye injuries so they could feel better about their appearance. And it moved quickly from there.

Here is what we have going on in the lab. It really is some exciting stuff!

RGP Lenses

We can now print on RGP lenses! RGP ( Rigid Gas Permeable ) is a hard lens. I know what your thinking... hard lenses must be horrible to wear. It's not true! You barely feel an RGP lens and the oxygen passthrough can be even better than soft contacts! We have come up with a way to have the lens come off the eye just a little so we can print the design inside the lens. This makes it looks so much more realistic. It looks like the color is truly coming from within the eye!

Chromagen Lenses

Specialized lenses that are FDA approved to help treat people with certain types of dyslexia. These specialized lenses help alter the wavelength of light. So when it hits the optic nerve it can help with words moving or lifting off the page. A symptom that many people with dyslexia or other learning disabilities may encounter. Using the same technology we can also restore color perception by altering the wavelength of the light when it hits the optic nerve to correct many cases of color blindness!


This is the flagship product for the lab. We can microprint and layer colors on a soft lens to match nearly any eye or color. The ability to stack finely printed colors on top of each other makes the design appear more embedded and realistic. A blue on top of a green has an entirely different look than a green on top of a blue. The system also allows for the printing of a limbal ring which is a darkening around the edges. This makes the eye pop and look brighter and more healthy. BioColors isn't just for our medical patients. We are rolling them out to the consumer market soon where you can custom design the lens that looks perfect for you. With all the competition on cosmetic color lenses in the market we are the only lab that can offer lenses in virtually any prescription.

Contact lenses have come a long way over the past 15 years. The technology has become so advanced. It is truly amazing to see contacts not only correct vision problems but also change peoples lives for the better.

About The Author

Scott Smiledge is a state licensed optician that works in the area of special fx and prosthetic contact lenses. Smiledge has provided fx contact lenses to some of the biggest films and television shows. In addition to his professional services he is also CEO of Vampfangs / 321FX Studios. A website that sells theatrical fx contact lenses to the public in addition to a line a custom fit vampire fangs


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